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Frank and Mary Lynn Houtz

Frank Houtz lives with his wife, Mary Lynn, and their 5 living children, Tikvah, Eleazar, Jeremiah, Eleeyah, and Jezreel, on a farm close to Winchester, Kentucky. He is the author of several books, including A Sign Between You and Me and Machanayim: the Two Camps of Israel. He also is developer of the text book for the Biblical Research Techniques course. His books can be found in the Marketplace. He is working on two other books at this time, as well as giving seminars on Biblical Research Techniques . Some of the articles that Frank has written are on this site.


Frank and his family worship at Beit Minorah, a congregation outside of Winchester. Frank is one of the leaders of the congregation and rotates in leading the services with other men of the congregation. His wife, Mary, is one of the worship leaders at Beit Minorah. She also rotates in leading worship with other men and women of the congregation. Mary released a CD of Scripture songs in 2002 titled Songs For Israel. She wrote and sang all of the songs on the CD. Frank's brother, Ron, produced the CD and played many of the instruments in the recording. Other friends and family helped with instrumentation and vocals. In 2009, Mary released her second CD, Shadows. Her daughter, Tikvah, helped with backup vocals on this project.

Dry Bones Restoration Company is a ministry, but has not incorporated as a 501C3 non- profit. So, donations most likely would not be accepted as tax deductible by the IRS. Donations support our teaching and music ministry. Donations never met our expenses, so we sell books to supplement the donations and educate our friends.


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