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BibleWorks 10, Software for Biblical Exegesis and Research

A "must have" for every Bible researcher! This program is specifically set up to do research, unlike most Bible programs, which are set up to review commentaries. BibleWorks has designed this in such a way that the one who does not read Hebrew or Greek can make many discoveries from the Hebrew and Greek. In the process, one might learn these languages. This program allows one to make quick associations between Hebrew and Greek words, and helps one to understand the processes and problems in Bible translation. BibleWorks contains numerous translations of the Bible. It contains several Greek and Hebrew lexicons as well as other study helps such as dictionaries, time lines and maps. Included in the program is a way to make Hebrew and Greek flash cards. Bible research was never made so easy! BSW-001 - $389.00




The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible, Martin Abegg Jr., Peter Flint & Eugene Ulrich

More than 1000 years older than any previously discovered biblical manuscripts with material never before published or translated, including hundreds of new and different readings and lost psalms. It includes the Book of Jubilees. These are a complete compilation of Dead Sea Scrolls biblical texts, but there may be words or verses missing since the Scrolls were very old and there was some damage. However, the consistency with the Masoretic texts and the variant readings are of great interest. 649 pages, paperback cover, $23.95







The Interlinear Bible, J.P. Green

The first study Bible you should buy! This Bible is three Bibles in one. The Old Testament has the Masoretic text with a literal word-for-word translation of the text under each Hebrew word. Above the Hebrew word is the Strong's number. To the left of the Hebrew text is a literal English translation. In the New Testament is a copy of the Textus Receptus, and it is treated in the same format as the Old Testament. Most people believe that they can't read the Hebrew nor the Greek, so this Bible would be useless. In reality, this Bible will help you learn the Hebrew and the Greek and will make it easy to connect them to the Strong's definitions. Once you use this in study, it will be difficult to return to using "just a version". 

Bib-001 hardback, both Old and New Testaments, $79.95 reg. price / Price special $69.95

Bib-002 leather-bound, New Testament only, $59.99

Bib-003 3-volume set, Old Testament only, with larger print, $149.95 reg. price / Price special $99.95, while supplies last

3 Variations Available



The Parallel Bible, Hebrew/English Old Testament

With the Biblia Hebraica Leningradensia and the King James Version.






Bib-008 hardback $59.95



The Tanach, Stone Edition

The Torah, Prophets and Writings, newly translated and annotated.









The Chumash, Stone Edition

The Torah and Haftorah readings in their weekly order. The Hebrew is at the top of the page with a column of English translating the text. Rabbinical commentary is placed around the English. This will give great insights into the Hebrew text and will make connections through the Hebrew words that most Christian scholars miss. This will also give you several biblical connections to the festivals that are often overlooked in the Christian world. 



Bib-006 hardback, regular print $54.99




The Jewish Study Bible, Jewish Publication Society

Bib-00 hardback $31.95








The Holy Bible From the Ancient Eastern Texts, George Lamsa

"This is the Bible translation from the language Jesus (Yeshua) spoke. It is unique. Again and again the sacred writings have been enriched and made luminous by Dr. Lamsa's faithful translation of the idioms from his own native tongue. Not a new Bible but a new translation of distinction." Dr. Daniel A. Poling

Bib-007 paperback, $35.00




The Englishman's Hebrew Concordance of the Old Testament, Wigram

With this book, Wigram has bridged the gap between the Strong's and the Lexicons. The Strong's lists every word used in the King James Translation in alphabetical order and gives each verse where the English is used. Wigram lists every Hebrew word in Aleph Beth order, and lists every verse where the Hebrew word is used. Rarely is the same Hebrew word used consistently when looking up the English words. This book helps make connections to verses and concepts through the original language and will help catch some wrong associations that are made through the English. This book also gives the Strong's number and connects all forms of the root word with the root. This is a high priority for the serious student. 

Con-007 1688 pages, hardback, $39.95



The Englishman's Greek Concordance of the New Testament, Wigram

This is to the Greek what the above book is to the Hebrew. It is in the same style and is of the same value. Another book on high priority for the serious student.

Con-008 1020 pages, hardback, $34.95




Thayer's Greek-English Lexicon, J. Henry Thayer

The standard of Greek lexicons in many seminaries. Because of its wide-spread use, the cost is very reasonable.

Lex-003 726 pages, hardback, $24.95




Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew & English Lexicon, Gesenius

A standard in Hebrew lexicons. The work of the German scholar Gesenius, translated and edited by the team Brown, Driver and Briggs.

Lex-002 1183 pages, hardback, $34.95