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Ministry Needs

It has been the policy of Dry Bones Restoration Company not to publish the needs of the organization in any way and not to ask for money. We desired to allow the Lord to provide, wishing not to focus on money or fund raising. In recent months the Lord has been leading us to slightly change this policy. We will devote a page to letting our readers know the current needs of the ministry.  The web-site and mailings will continue to be devoted to articles and announcements concerning our activities. We will keep this page up to date, taking off anything that has been supplied. Excess funds donated to specific projects may be assigned to other projects if the needs of the first have been provided.

Dry Bones Restoration Company is a ministry, but has not incorporated as a 501C3 non- profit. So, donations most likely would not be accepted as tax deductible by the IRS. Donations support our teaching and music ministry. Donations never met our expenses, so we sell books to supplement the donations and educate our friends.


Kentucky Covenant Education, Inc.

Kentucky Covenant Education Inc. is a ministry to expand the teachings and seminars presented by Dry Bones Restoration Company and others. We intend on continuing the building of an adult camp for seminars. We also plan on starting a school, with college level courses to offer Hebrew Roots Instruction. We intend on having a studio for recording, filming and editing and to generally promote the teachings of the Hebrew Roots Movement. We hope to be a stabilizing influence on the movement at large and wish to help stabile ministries effectively get the message out. At present we have many needs since we are in the forming process.

We immediately need the following to get started on our ambitious projects:

  • A covered trailer which can be towed behind a truck or a van. It needs to be waterproof. The size needed is about 5 to 6 feet wide and 10 to 12 long. Electric brakes and dual wheels would be preferable.
  • A back hoe. Any size would be helpful.
  • A tractor, preferably about 40 horse power, but very willing to make adjustments to the request.
  • An Industrial lawn mower, zero turn preferred, but any heavy duty lawn tractor would work.
  • Camera equipment and recording equipment.
  • Publishing equipment including industrial staplers and book cutters.
  • A new or slightly used Mac Book Pro laptop with plenty of ram and hard drive space.

Mary's third CD project

Mary has two CDs available for sale and a third one written and ready to be put in the recording studio. Her third CD has the theme of Praise and Worship. There will be some songs that will be more palatable for a church who may not be so familiar with Hebrew words and names. Appealing to a slightly larger audience, while presenting some Hebraic flavor will make this next CD a real treat. This will give us some material to introduce churches to the Hebrew Roots of their faith. 

Frank's seminars

Frank has added several seminars to his selection. He now needs congregations to hear and see his work. The original seminar is called Biblical Research Techniques and is still available. It is a twelve hour course teaching in depth study methods as well as showing the student his personal flaws in understanding the Bible without exposing his error to anyone other than the participant. In other words, you discover your own mistakes and learn to correct them without a public correction.  A second seminar, Unity, Not Uniformity, deals with looking at the larger missions within the Hebrew Roots Movement and how not to get focused on the petty differences. A third seminar deals with common misunderstandings developed from our Christian heritage and a revelation of the grander plan exposed in the Bible concerning the work of Messiah.  New information supplied to us from the Hebraic perspective may cause doubt in our previous understanding of Messiah.  This new seminar resolves many conflicts caused by our paradigm shift and reveals a much greater message than we may have originally understood. See how our understanding of God and His purpose for this earth increases as we are ridded of our childish understanding concerning who God is and what He sent Messiah to accomplish.

Frank's publishing efforts

Frank has several new books close to being finished. We also have some older writings that have yet to be published. Recent books in progress include: a book on the proper way to build a strong non-contentious Hebrew Roots congregation, a book on mistaken notions from our Christian denominational teachings that may lead us astray when coming into the Hebrew Roots movement, a much more in depth and longer version of the Authority booklet, and several shorter booklets on various subjects. Older books mostly done but not published include, Echad, One God, One Covenant, One People, Words of Contention, (a book dealing with the theological controversy between the Christian and Jewish worlds), a commentary on the book of Hebrews, Nature of Men and Women, (a book written to Frank's teenage daughter about the differences between men and women and why certain rules have been put into place in the Houtz household to support those put into place by God).  We will be making these available as the finances permit. 



To mail monetary donations to either Dry Bones Restoration Company or to Beit Minorah, send a check to:
Dry Bones Restoration Company
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On the check memo line, please specify which project the money is donated for. If no project is indicated, it will be used where the need is greatest.